Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2

Today I decided to start my day off with a banana and a glass of water. I only had a banana because I was going to be dancing shortly after this, and if I eat too much before, I feel somewhat sick.

*This was good to tie me over during my morning workout (2 hours of dance class)
calories; 100

After dance was when I had my real breakfast- oatmeal :) This time I mixed some organic oats with one scoop of whey protein powder to help me refuel after my morning work out, as well as prepare me for some more dancing

*This was very filling and supplied me with a very good amount of the protein I needed that day
calories; 240
protein; 24 g

Before my next round of dancing, I had a larabar just as a last minute boost for my next class.

*The new flavor was delicious, however, the only thing that turns me off to larabars are that they are not organic, but I can live with it.
calories; 220
protein; 4 g

Along with my larabar, I also had a deliciously crispy red apple :)

calories; 100

I then had one more hour of dance class and decided to head out to dinner with some of my friends; the majority rule was chipotle. Although it is very delicious, it's not the best nutrition wise. I tried to stay healthy and had a vegetarian burrito bowl consisting of rice, black beans, sour cream, guacamole, and lettuce. It was to die for.I didn't get a snap shot of it but I did calculate the calories at a cool website I found via google.
calories; 525
protein; 13 g

As you can tell, this was my splurge for the day. However I needed this because after dinner I went back to dance for 2 more hours. I didn't get home until around 10:30, so I didn't eat anything else. I was satisfied and ready for a well deserved nights rest :)

Total calories for Day 2; 1,185

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